about us


The trust shall bear the name of GLOBAL CHARITABLE TRUST

Mr.R. Baskaran with his board of trustees commenced working in this public services since 2011. Global Charitable Trust enhances its services with the mystical enchantment of Almighty Sri Karungali Essakiamman and many availing hands from this society.

Global Charitable trust is distributing aliment, Attire, Books and other essentialities at free of cost to the poor and the needy. Apart from this, we've pioneered a diverse range of services that address the desiderata of the whole person, not just their current challenges.


  • To establish, maintain, run, develop, take over, improve and contribute donations for the institutions for the care of the sick, the old and disables and open such as Home for old age, Hospitals, Nursing houses, Rehabilitation centre's for Handicapped and Mentally retarded and all over kinds of Medical care Institution for the public in general.
  • To establish, maintain, run, develop, take over, improve and contribute donations for educational institutions of all kinds technical, general, nursery schools etc., and to promote or aid to industrial and other kinds of research for the benefit of the public in general.
  • To provide financial assistance for poor and needy persons or advance loans without interest or at the normal rate of interest for their educational, marriages, medical treatment etc.,
  • To distribute food, clothing, books and other necessities free of cost to the poor and the needy.
  • To afford medical relief to the sick and suffering irrespective of caste, community or creed.
  • To help, assist and give aid to the parents or other natural guardians or near relations of indigent and unmarried girls for their life maintenance.
  • To Render financial and moral support for the promotion of the lifestyle and livelihood of the Transgender by creating occupational opportunities for them.
  • To establish, maintain, run, develop, improve, extend and to aid and assist in the establishment, maintenance, running, development and improvement and extension of libraries, reading rooms, recreation centres and computer and browsing centres and all other facilities as are contributed to be of use in imparting education to the Indian Public and in specific to the poor and deserving public.
  • The any other object of general public utility and to do all things, acts necessary and incidental things or matters for the purpose of achieving the above objects more efficiently and effectively. The income of the Trust shall be applied for charitable purposes in India or accumulated for such purposes in India. The above objects shall each be independent of the other or others and the funds of the Trust may be applied from time to time in carrying out all or any of the aforesaid objects as the Board of Trustees may decide.